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Chiropractors Know About More Than Just Your Backbone!

Revitalize Chiropractic - Sarasota

Why do we need someone licensed to “adjust” our backs? What good is a chiropractor, and how will undergoing chiropractic treatment benefit us?

First of all, not all chiropractors practice the same. Some do different techniques, therapies, etc. They are however, qualified medical professionals with years of training. Many of us do not even understand that our chiropractors know a lot more about total body wellness, as opposed to just back pain and neck pain, for which we give them credit. Here are some things that you need to know about your chiropractor, and how they can assist you on your path to vibrant health:

Your Chiropractor is an Expert on the Musculoskeletal and Nervous Systems

Chiropractors are trained to know the intricacies of the Musculoskeletal system of the body, and how to best utilize this system through the use of adjustments and the natural healing processes of which the body is capable. Through a unique combination of assessment, examination and adjustment of joints in the body, one can achieve total health through the restoration of balance throughout the vital body systems.

Chiropractors are also highly regarded as experts on the nervous system of the body. Your spine is the delicate storehouse of thousands upon thousands of nerves which carry millions of messages throughout your body daily, mandating function, restoration, and repair. If any of these nerves are stressed or compromised in any way due to spinal subluxation, dis-ease can result. Early manifestations of dis-ease include pain, stiffness, and discomfort, so finding ways to ease pressure on these information superhighways will ensure that your body stays in a state of optimum wellness.

Your Chiropractor is Knowledgeable about Alternative Health

Thomas Edison once remarked, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but he will instead interest his patients in nutrition and the care of the human frame.”

A chiropractor receives training in nutrition and special holistic health methods, as well as hours of extensive training on the skeletal system and all of its intricacies. They are qualified to advise about how to use nutrition to help the body heal, and what alternative methods of treatment exist for persistent medical conditions. They know different vitamins and supplements that can enhance and improve health, and many chiropractors practice what they preach. They can help you to avoid more painful methods of treatment by helping you manage proactive care. Their overall goal is a proactive approach to health, as opposed to a reactive approach to health!

Chiropractors Know that the Absence of Pain is Not Health

Pain is often the body’s last signal that dysfunction has settled in - and the absence of pain does not mean that you are living in a healthy and balanced state. Pain is often one of the last signals that your body is out of balance, before you are aware of the advanced states of dis-ease. Take the opportunity to manage your health proactively by visiting a chiropractor who can assess your state of balance, and you will be far more likely to resist dis-ease and discomfort later

Chiropractors Prioritize Total Wellness

Contrary to what some medical experts tell us, the body is not a cluster of independent systems working simultaneously. Instead, it is an intricate system of interdependent processes that all depend on each other to maintain optimal health.

Nerves that travel in and through the spinal column are responsible for sending and receiving messages for all sorts of systems in the body, from digestion to elimination, temperature regulation to vision, hearing and balance.

When our nerves become compromised due to a subluxation, or misalignment of the vertebrae in the spine, then mixed signals cause these bodily systems to malfunction (dysfunction) and cease working correctly. Chiropractors understand how vital nervous system health is, and they prioritize correcting subluxations so that this nervous system free flow can occur. Treating a symptom in a doctor’s office is merely a band-aid solution; while finding ways to restore balance to the whole body is essential to maintaining total health and wellness.

“Revitalize” Your Health Plan Today--Visit Us for All Your Health Needs

At Revitalize Chiropractic, we are experts in health and wellness. We treat the whole individual with a combination of cutting-edge education and the latest chiropractic techniques designed to restore your balance and wholeness. Our chiropractors know about much more than just the spine; let us show you how to achieve the ultimate healthy life! Contact us at to begin a new journey toward better health.

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