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Can Chiropractic Care Help My Anxiety and Depression?

Living in today’s fast-paced world can be stressful, even for the most well-adjusted individuals. With a constant barrage of family stressors, increasing technology exposure, and hectic schedules, it is not surprising that more people are now suffering from disorders such as anxiety and depression.

With the demands on our time, our bodies, and our psyche, physical and mental issues have become more prevalent in our society. Over 40 million adults report a diagnosis of anxiety and depression, and these are usually in tandem with a host of physical problems as well.

Something must be done to reclaim our health. Have you considered calling your chiropractor to help you restore your mental health and well-being? It is time to restore the mind-body connection within yourself and work on a plan for continued wellness with your chiropractor.

What Is The Root Cause Of Anxiety And Depression?

There is no single identifiable cause for anxiety and depressive disorders; they are the result of a combination of factors that can produce feelings of agitation, hopelessness, panic, and fear prevalent in these types of illness. Life stress, traumatic events, and other experiences can trigger depressive tendencies and cause symptoms to emerge. Although it is not possible to control all of life’s events that may come your way, there are ways to reduce stress and improve overall health and well-being by practicing proactive self-care.

The Mind-Body Miracle

When the body is in physical balance, the mind is in order as well. Recent studies conducted on the mind-body connection have proven that the two are inextricably linked and that the health of one is interdependent on the health of the other. Doctors found that when they began to address emotional upheaval around certain disorders, the condition of the patients was improved, and such care also dramatically reduced symptoms. Approaching any issue holistically is known to be much more beneficial than attempting care for any physical symptoms alone. Why go any other way?

How Does My Chiropractor Fit Into All Of This?

Subluxations, or misalignments of the vertebrae in the spine, cause imbalances in the body starting with the central nervous system. The delicate nerves of the central nervous system run along the length of the spine and outward to the extremities, regulating miraculous systems and communicating all sorts of information to cells, muscles, tissues, organs and the like. Misalignments in the spine cause interference on these nerves, which results in nervous system overload, miscommunications between systems of the body, and disorder/disease. Over time, this nervous system stress results in not only physical issues, but emotional and mental unrest as well. With emotional and mental unrest, imagine what role that can play in anxiety and depression! Issues within the body can result when your nervous system is not flowing freely and your whole system suffers as a result of the disruption to the physical and emotional well-being.

Through gentle, specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustments, the nervous system is brought back toward proper functioning, areas of interference and stress can be relieved, and the body is brought back into balance. Regular chiropractic adjustments set a baseline for balance, allowing the body to begin healing itself naturally to reach optimal health.

Anxiety and depression are hard to treat. However, by addressing both physical and emotional concerns naturally, through specific chiropractic care, it is possible for symptoms to be reduced or eliminated, allowing patients to lead happy, productive lives. Being diligent about self-care and being proactive with health is key to achieving balance and optimal wellness.

At Revitalize Chiropractic, your total wellness is our top priority. We design individualized, comprehensive care plans to address your health concerns and take care of you as a whole. Through the combination of chiropractic care and top-notch patient service, we will help you achieve the healthy life of your dreams. Contact us at today to begin your ultimate journey to wellness.

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