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Chiropractic Care and Ear Infections

Kids Enjoy Chiropractic!

Chiropractic Care And Ear Infections

Chronic ear infections in children under age 6 are nothing to joke about; they can be very irritating, inconvenient, and downright painful for a child. Although standard treatment for ear infections is usually a course of antibiotics, the risks associated with repeated antibiotic use are somewhat concerning. Besides, many ear infections that develop are a result of a viral infection, so they are difficult to eradicate.

While most ear infections clear up in a matter of days, there are cases where ear infections become a chronic condition that affects a child’s day to day activities. Thankfully, recent studies now show that chiropractic care can benefit children with chronic ear infections.

Causes of Ear Infections

Ear infections can be either bacterial or viral, and are caused by swelling that compromises the eustachian tubes, the inner tubes of the ear that connect it to the back of the throat. Children are especially prone to infection because these canals are parallel to the ground, making it difficult for fluid to drain quickly. As we age, the tubes lift and tilt at an angle, making it easier for fluid and other impurities to drain.

If the fluid in the inner ear remains stagnant for too long, bacteria can form. This bacterial build up inflames the inner ear, causing an infection. The only thing that reduces the risk of infection is to allow the Eustachian tubes to drain repeatedly, creating a more sterile environment. Receiving regular chiropractic care is a way to help your child to maintain a happy and healthy functioning nervous system, which has shown to benefit children with chronic ear infections.

Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

The vertebrae in your spine twist and turn with you everywhere you travel. Your spine houses your delicate, yet resilient nervous system, responsible for sending millions of electrical signals all over your body daily, making sure all systems are working optimally. If any of these vertebrae are compromised or out of alignment, havoc can result. A subluxation is any misalignment of any vertebrae along the spinal column.

When a subluxation occurs, additional stress occurs on the nerves running up and down the spinal column. The added pressure and stress result in erroneous signals running throughout the body via the nervous system. The delicate balance disrupted, can create inflammation, pain, and disease can form. Correction of these imbalances is achieved by bringing the structures back into alignment. Correcting these subluxations is key to restoring balance and health back to the body.

Chiropractic Care And Ear Health

The muscles in the neck are all connected to the top four vertebrae in the spine. A subluxation of any of these four vertebrae can affect the Eustachian tubes ability to drain correctly. Stagnant fluid in the inner ear becomes tainted with inflammatory bacteria, allowing for infection.

With proper cervical adjustments to these vertebrae, the muscular imbalances are corrected, and the delicate systems of the ear are restored to balance. Delicate structures of the inner ear are affected, allowing for drainage and refreshment. The ear, nose, and throat region begin to work efficiently, and infections can no longer an issue. Maintaining proper position of all spinal vertebrae will be the key to making sure your child’s nervous system is functioning well and best equipped to ward off these painful infections.

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