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Pain After Back Surgery

Christine began chiropractic care after she was put on 18 pills! It all started when she was dealing with numbness, tingling and pain for close to 10 years! They found she had a tumor growing in and around her spinal cord, so they performed a surgery to take it out. After this surgery, she found physical therapy and the 18 narcotic pills a day she was taking, were not helping her pain. She chose to try chiropractic, and after just 3 months, she was down to 3 pills!


Knee Pain

Ronnie initially thought chiropractic care was for back pain and car accidents. He started care when he realized his knee was hurting while he was working out after college. He grew up without contact sports, just heavy weightlifting, and so he wasn't sure why his knee was hurting. After visiting a friend, he started chiropractic care and his knee pain was gone before he knew it!


Optimal Health

After being educated on chiropractic care and all of its benefits, Vinny started care at the age of 16 while a high school sophomore. He found the benefits of chiropractic to keep his body functioning at a high level, just as a high-performance vehicle needs a high-performance engine. Ever since starting, he has an increased immunity, increased energy and an overall improved quality of life!


Healthy Weight

Chrisavi struggled with an eating disorder early in life and was told her metabolism was unable to regulate her weight each month. She would never know how her clothes would fit. Once starting chiropractic care, she found that her weight was regulated much better with the nervous system able to function at a higher level!


Hip Impingement

Quentre was diagnosed with hip impingement during collegiate-level competition for track and field. He was told to take Advil before and after competitions. Shortly, he found this did not help. So he began chiropractic care and after his first adjustment, he noticed an improved range of motion in his hip! He knows he will always have a hip impingement, as it is an abnormal bone structure, but he loves his increased range of motion and improved health!


Gluten Intolerance

In 2011, Callan found out that she was severely intolerant to gluten. She was in college and unable to bear most days while eating. This then lead to anxiety and disrupted her studies. After finding chiropractic, 3 months into her care, she had notably decreased anxiety attacks. After 5 months of care, she was tolerant of some gluten in her diet. She has not had an anxiety attack since 6 months after starting care!


Stress & Immunity

Laura suffered from recurring cold-sores whenever she was sick, stressed, sleep-deprived or sun-burnt, for as long as she could remember. When she went to graduate school, she feared they would get worst with an increase in stress. Before care, she would average a cold-sore every 2 months. While being under consistent chiropractic care during school, she only had one in her first year!


Asthma & Ear Infections

Gage and Logan were just young boys when their parents realized they had asthma and allergies. Unable to play outside without medications, they were prescribed to take 7 medications daily! Ear infections troubled the two from a young age as well. After having them start chiropractic care, Lisa (their mother) said they have not had any allergy, asthma or ear infection issues since 2012!

Gage, Logan

Allergies, Asthma & Headaches

Kent grew up struggling with headaches and allergies. He has had these for as long as he can remember. As a kid, having 3-4 headaches a week can really affect ones life. His allergies led to sinus infections constantly. So Kent started under constant chiropractic care and after one month, he no longer had to rely on Advil or Claritin to help keep his headaches and allergies under control. No more issues for Kent!


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